The long-awaited sequel is finally here! Belle-de-Nuit 2 released on Steam, Android, iOS, and Web Platforms on the 17th!

Check out the official announcement from Heart’s Choice Games.

What’s steamier than fighting for the honor of ladies of the night—with swords and your seductive powers? This interactive novel improves on its predecessor, and we’ve previously covered it here.

The game will be 25% off until November the 24th! Make sure to take advantage of the amazing deal! You’ll be a duelist, winning hearts of the people at Paris’s finest luxury brothel!

Belle-de-Nuit 2, also known as Point-du-Jour, is a DLC for the original game. You can find it on Steam, or visit the official page.

Here’s the description for the original Belle-de-Nuit novel!
  • Play as female, gay, straight, or bi.
  • Become part of the Parisian nightlife, where seduction and good wine, lies and kisses go hand in hand.
  • Choose a sweetheart—or get involved with more than one—between a rival duelist, a lady of the night, and the shy bartender who pours your drinks.
  • Climb rooftops, duel in narrow Parisian streets, outwit your foes, cross-dress to fool and seduce, throw a rose to your chosen one—all in a day’s work!
  • Win duels, role-play as a courtesan, outwit your foes—or fall for them!
  • Uncover secrets which are only whispered at dusk, on rooftops, looking over the beautiful Parisian skyline.
  • Protect the ladies of the night as they go about their evening, get involved with pouring drinks or playing card games with the clients—or more!

You’ll fight for the honor of the Belle-de-Nuit brothel, be it with steel or soft lips. If you’re looking for more steamy romance, you should check out the RPG Crown of Sorcery and Steel!

Belle-de-Nuit 2 is a novel written by the original author, Rebecca Zahabi. It is a piece of interactive fiction clocking at 125,000 words. It’s entirely text-based like other ChoiceScript titles.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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