Belle-de-Nuit 2 is the long-awaited sequel that promises just as much steam and romance. The interactive novel is releasing later this month, on the 17th!

Art for Belle-De-Nuit 2

This interactive novel is being released under the new Heart’s Choice publishing label. It’s part of the Choice Of Games branding, focusing on romance titles.

Want to learn more about Heart’s Choice? You can head over to their official website, and also check out their range of novels!

Heart’s Choice runs by similar principles. The games are all focused on text, there are no images or sounds to detract from the experience.

If Belle-de-Nuit 2 is anything like its predecessor, you’re in for a romantic treat! The first game was a novel where you would fight for the honor of the ladies of the night! Packed with swords and seduction.

The original interactive novel was 115,000 words, written by Rebecca Zahabi. The sequel—is also written by Zahabi.

Heart’s Choice novels, including this one—are known for the LGBTQI+ representation. They usually allow for diverse character creation, as well as sexuality choices.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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