The Interactive Fiction RPG A Crown Of Sorcery And Steel is available now! Choice Of Games has taken to Twitter to announce the release on PC and Mobile platforms.

Check out the developer’s release announcement!

If you’re looking for a Fantasy interactive novel to bite into, this is it. The RPG A Crown Of Sorcery And Steel is a 300,000-word story by Josh Labelle.

“Swing a sword, delve dungeons, and lead a resistance against the tyrannical queen of a war-torn fantasy realm. Will you be an elf, orc, dwarf, or human”

In A Crown Of Sorcery And Steel, you’ll be thrust into the kingdom of Kanda—which has been at war with Queen Nidana and her machines for longer than you were born.

In this interactive novel, the choices are yours—down to your character’s race, gender, and even sexuality. The novel’s representation is incredible, too, including choices for: male, female, nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, asexual, and poly.

This all extends into the worldbuilding and lore, too. The elven, dwarven, and orc cultures have their own genders as well.

For fans of fantastical adventures, Josh Labelle’s novel won’t disappoint. You can engage in fantasy combat, with a range of different weapons to choose from. Want to be a sword-wielding knight? Or maybe master and sling magic?

Here are just a few features:
  • Engage in epic fantasy combat and turn the tide of the war as you battle side by side with a party full of fighters, spellslingers, and rogues.
  • Explore the realm as a human, elf, dwarf, or orc, with four distinct backgrounds that change your adventure.
  • Broker peace between the human cities and the dwarven mining colonies or side with the dwarves and take control of the mountains.
  • Delve lost ruins to uncover ancient elven artifacts, and restore the elves to their former glory… or sell the artifacts off to the highest bidders.
  • Navigate palace intrigue in the orc empire, and decide who should take the throne.
  • Turn against the resistance and become the queen’s best-loved spy to experience another side of the story.
  • Romance a human resistance leader, an elven Scribe, a dwarven bard, an exiled orc prince, a halfling thief… or the dark queen herself.

A Crown Of Sorcery And Steel is a nice break away from Choice Of Game’s recent releases—like their more horror-themed Vampire: The Masquerade – Sins Of The Sires.

The interactive novel also supports light/dark mode options for accessibility. Like Choice Of Games other titles, it’s entire text-based, without graphics or sound effects—so no distractions!

The author, Josh Labelle, states that fans of Dungeons & Dragons and Dragon Age will particularly love A Crown Of Sorcery And Steel. The game is currently on a 40% sale to celebrate its release! The offer ends on November the 4th, so grab it now!

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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