Take the World Of Darkness franchise to Athens, Greece in the latest Vampire: The Masquerade interactive novel. Which begs the question—Is Sins Of The Sires worth playing?

Sins Of The Sires is the latest novel entry in the Vampire: The Masquerade interactive fiction series. One of the other games being Jim Dattilo’s highly regarded Out For Blood.

This novel is written by Natalia Theodoridou, and casts a unique setting on the typical Vampire: The Masquerade game. It’s set in a new country, Greece.

“Athens, Greece: a city with an ancient past now thrust into the modern age. A city torn between the Camarilla establishment and the Anarchs, where everyone owes your boss a favor, and that makes you an untouchable vampire in this nocturnal society where you and your fellow Kindred must conceal yourselves from mortal eyes—the Masquerade of the Kindred.”

For fans of the Vampire: The Masquerade franchise, this novel is perfect. It adds some much-needed unique and interesting worldbuilding to the franchise.

For anyone else, the simple user-interface, easy-to-read text, and replayability make it the perfect novel for all. There are no images or sounds to distract you from the experience.

Sins Of The Sires is the perfect entry point for anyone looking to get into interactive fiction! It’s also the perfect length, sitting at 300,000 words.

There are also plenty of customizability options in this interactive novel. Choose between playing as a man, woman, or non-binary character.

Want to be femme? masc? Or even androgynous? The world is quite literally yours. You can also choose your sexuality.

In Sins Of The Sires, rumors are spreading of an ancient vampire’s return, Aristovoros. Very Greek sounding right? His motive? “Why hide from mortals when you can reign over them as gods?”

So, is Sin Of The Sires worth playing? It’s easily one of the best interactive novel options out there. On top of that, it’s also available on most platforms! Web, Steam, and Mobile.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

Camellia Hao Ren is an Australian journalist and editor. When they aren't writing, they are usually playing games or reading.

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