In recent interactive fiction news, the horror/sci-fi author, Jim Dattilo is working on a zombie game for StoryLoom—the new interactive fiction platform.

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This news also comes hot off Dattilo running a poll last month, asking users if they’d be interested in a StoryLoom zombie title.

Previously, their interactive fiction stories, most notably—The Zombie Exodus Series—were written in ChoiceScript and published by Choice Of Games.

This upcoming zombie interactive novel will be the third story by Jim Dattilo available on StoryLoom. The other two are Your Trial, which we’ve covered previously here, and Revenge Magic.

If you’re interested in trying either titles, they’re both available on the StoryLoom website. It has been becoming a popular go-to for writers to create their own visual novels and interactive stories.

Jim Dattilo has also reassured fans of Zombie Exodus, that they are still hard at work on future entries.

Never played a Zombie Exodus game before? We definitely recommend it. You can read our review of the first title here.

Dattilo also has a new interactive fiction story in the works, Deadbury Academy, which will be made in ChoiceScript. A 10,000-word public beta will be coming in June 2023.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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