Our Zombie Exodus Review will give you all the reasons to check out this literature-created apocalypse. With words that almost jump off the screen and bite you, it’s an interactive fiction story not to be missed.

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Zombie Exodus is a thrilling, 750,000-word survival horror written by the talented Jim Dattilo. Most recently, the author was featured in our interactive fiction spotlight for Vampire: The Masquerade—Out For Blood.

This zombie thriller was one of Dattilo’s first forays into interactive fiction, and it absolutely kicks ass. It was written under the Choice of Games/Hosted Games label, and is easily one of their best novels. Period.

Zombie Exodus was originally released in 2011, but still holds up well today. It’s hands-down one of the best zombie literature, period.

The interactive fiction story is out now on almost every platform. Whether you want to play it online, on PC, or on your mobile device—you can!

The sheer amount of options and level of interactivity in Zombie Exodus is incredible. It was many of our writers’ first jump into the interactive fiction genre, and the experience still holds memorable today.

Zombie Exodus also holds up well for replayability. With various endings, strong player customization, and even secrets to uncover—you can play it for hours and hours!

It even allows for romance, and is LGBT inclusive. You can play as queer characters, and fall in love in the time of the apocalypse!

What we want to outline in our Zombie Exodus Review is just how masterful Dattilo’s writing is. It’s masterful and easily on the level of horror greats like Stephen King or Hill.

Also, every choice matters. It isn’t an illusion with few branching paths. In Zombie Exodus everything matters. Your decisions, the items you have, and everything leading up to the end.

The user-interface in Zombie Exodus is minimalistic. Easy-to-read and nothing to distract you from the reading experience!

The game might not be flashy with animations and sound, but it’s actually better for this. There’s nothing to detract from the reading experience—it’s just words, your imagination, and decisions.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the interactive fiction genre, or a veteran—Zombie Exodus is a game everyone should try out. It’s easily the peak of choose-your-own-adventure-styled games, and one of Choice of Games’ best.

Zombie Exodus is also so successful, it’s spawned sequels and spin-offs! So, if you end up loving your time with the story, there are more stories to explore in the same universe.

The cast of characters in Zombie Exodus is memorable, and well-written. They’re very three-dimensional, and every facet of the story is well-fleshed out.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

Camellia Hao Ren is an Australian journalist and editor. When they aren't writing, they are usually playing games or reading.

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