Choice Of The Viking Novel Available Now!

Forge your legacy in Iceland, with the new Choice Of The Viking novel. It’s a historical fantasy RPG based on the medieval story—the Eyrbyggja Saga.

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“Forge your legacy… In a land of gods, giants, elves, trolls, and walking corpses! A game of politics and romance, battle and honor.”

The Choice Of The Viking Novel is a 310,000-word interactive, fantasy adventure by Declan Taggart. His love for history and creating an authentic setting really shines through in this game.

If you’re a Viking-history buff, you’ll love the detail and research that went into writing this novel. Declan even released an academic article alongside the game regarding historical accuracy—which you can read free here.

He’s also open to answering any questions regarding historical accuracy on Twitter! Despite “adding plenty of elements from other stories as well as [his] own imagination”, it reads like faithful Viking fiction.

The year is 910. Countless Viking longships cross the icy oceans seeking fortune, fame, and land. Your ship has brought you to Iceland, where you and your clan have a chance to build something new.

You’ll need to defend your people from draugr, play the political field, and choose between Christianity or the old Norse gods. Here is a full list of features:

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, or aromantic
  • Attend the great assembly of the Althing and shape Iceland’s politics for generations to come.
  • Use the songs of the spirits to perform stunning feats of magic.
  • Dedicate your land to the Christian church or honor the old Norse gods.
  • Carve out your domain and lead your people to specialize in farming, trading, scholarship, or raiding.
  • Grapple with the threat of the walking dead—perhaps even your own father!
  • Walk with giants, negotiate with elves, and come face to face with mighty Thor!
  • Negotiate with your neighboring chieftains to win their friendship—or become embroiled in deadly feuds.
  • Rule your land as an autocrat, or guide Iceland towards democracy.

Choice Of The Viking is entirely choice-driven, and the story will change depending on your decisions. It’s also entirely text-based, powered by your imagination.

The game is available on Steam, Android, iOS, and web platforms. You can play it online here. If you’re a fan of Viking media, you should check out the recently released, House Of Loki interactive novel.

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