The new interactive fiction label, Heart’s Choice Games has released the Scandal Notes interactive novel! Best of all? It’s free-to-play!

Read the official announcement on Twitter!

The novel is readable online for free—however, you can also pay money to have an ad-free experience. Right now it’s currently on a launch sale.

The Scandal Notes interactive novel is available on Heart’s Choice’s online platform, Amazon, Google Play, iOS App Store, and PC (Steam).

It is a 108,000-word interactive romance novel, by the writer Evelyn Price. The entire story is choice-driven, where every decision has consequences.

Like the other Heart’s Choice (and Choice of Games novels)-it is entirely text-based. There’s nothing like audio or out-of-place images to distract you.

Read the novel’s official description:

In the heart of London, flappers flap and the ’20s roar! For an ambitious novelist like you, there’s inspiration everywhere. The nights are filled with fabulous parties where champagne flows freely and jazz plays in dance halls and smoky clubs. You and your friends—a group of bright young things known as the King’s Road Crew—are at the center of it all, the talk of the town and the top of every society page.

But now, the author of the infamous gossip column Scandal Notes is starting to comment on secrets that your friends would rather not see the light of day—and secrets that only someone close to you would know. Can you unmask the traitor? Are all of your friends really what they seem?

  • Play as a woman novelist in 1920s London
  • Keep your friends together through thick and thin.
  • Play matchmaker for a lovelorn jazz singer.
  • Become a critical literary sensation or an underground pulp hit.
  • Find love with a witty book critic or a glamorous actress
  • Obey the rules of society or throw caution to the wind
  • Search out the villain whose nasty gossip columns threaten your friends

Scandal Notes is completely free to play through once, or you can purchase it for unlimited replays, plus, an ad-free experience.

Heart’s Choice is Choice of Games’ new spin-off label. It’s dedicated to releasing romance interactive fiction. We also recommend checking out the recently released Belle-de-Nuit 2 from them.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

Camellia Hao Ren is an Australian journalist and editor. When they aren't writing, they are usually playing games or reading.

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