Check out a high-fantasy, open-world interactive novel in the new Escape From Norwood trailer! It’s a mostly text-based game, that lets you freely explore.

Watch the official Escape From Norwood trailer!
Check out the official description for Escape From Norwood!

“Explore the city and observe its inhabitants as their lives play out around you, in a world where the only discrimination is based on the order of birth.

Cursed with a magic which does not fit within the five cardinal aelic callings, 13-years old Lecia has to hide from the sentries and find a way out of the city.

Yet this magic will allow her to sneak into places and observe plots and schemes that could shake the foundations of Magistan, as the Empress’ progress approaches Norwood.”

As the Escape From Norwood Trailer showcases, the game is mostly text-based.

It’ll feature UI elements for quality of life, and also detailed 2D art for the novel’s 500 locations. You’ll be able to freely explore this world, in a choice-driven narrative.

There are over 200 characters to meet, as well as hundreds of items you can use—and combine to trigger unexpected effects, and change the story!

Is this text-adventure parser-based? Nope! The design philosophy of Escape From Norwood comes down to “simplicity.” There’s no keyboard or awkward menus to navigate.

Want to interact with someone? Simply tap on them. The official website promises over dozens of hours of fun and discovery!

Escape From Norwood is coming out soon. You can follow their Twitter to stay up to date! Whilst you’re waiting for release, we recommend checking out Heroes of Book & Paper!

It’s another high-fantasy choice-driven RPG. It just released on Steam Early Access, and is a unique take on the fantasy interactive novel genre.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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