Looking to get your sci-fi and “totally-not” Ghostbusters on this Holiday Season? Perfect, because The Luminous Underground interactive novel is on a huge sale!

Check out the writer’s official sales announcement!

The Luminous Underground is a 660,000-word interactive sci-fi novel by Phoebe Barton. It draws inspiration from Ghost Busters in all the best ways—In this story, you’re a daemon dissipator.

Sounds catchy, right? You carry a rainbow blaster, used to zap electromagnetic monsters and daemons from existence! Or, well back to being static. There’s an endless supply of jobs to eliminate spirits, specters, and daemons in the town of Barrington.

You start your own company—it’s just you and your business partner, McCowan. You’ve just got a new contract at the Barrington Transit Commission, and now it is time to grow your team, and sharpen your skills!

You’ll be running into robots, daemons, and even giant robot daemons! The game has a range of different paths you can go down, and every choice matters!

The Luminous Underground interactive novel is published and written under Choice Of Games. It features the signature, text-only, without graphic or sound effects look.

You’ll soon find that the Barrington underground networks are more than just tunnels… Here is a list of the gameplay features from Steam:
  • Descend into a magic-drenched subway and face down spirits beneath the streets!
  • Help time travelers integrate into the incredible world of today.
  • Dig up megacorporate corruption while you dust off vacuum tubes.
  • Investigate mysterious disappearances down in the underground.
  • Cooperate with other outfits in town, or act on your own
  • Lead the mayor to safety through a gauntlet of terrors!
  • Save the lives of a missing crew under an impossible sky.
  • Calm down a giant woman who’s got you in the palm of her hand.

Strange things are out and about on the subway. Someone better call you! Love horror/thriller interactive fiction? You should check out the Midnight Saga.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

Camellia Hao Ren is an Australian journalist and editor. When they aren't writing, they are usually playing games or reading.

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