Experience a heart-warming story in the Maid For Loving You visual novel. The new romance from Azarashi Software is out now on PC via the Steam platform!

Check out the gorgeous character art from Maid For Loving You!

The visual novel publishing house, Love Lab announced their title “Maid-san no Iru Kurashi”—Maid For Loving You would be getting an English translation!

The visual novel has finally been translated and released in the West. It’s available now for PC via the Steam platform! It’s currently on a 20% off launch sale until December 3rd.

Here is the full story run-down from the Steam page:
  • Yuuma Kitami is your typical wage slave. Wake, work, sleep, repeat. Robbed of his ambitions by the grind, his daily life is filled with endless overtime, leaving him little time for a social life, let alone a girlfriend. But that all changes one mid-winter night. After catching the last train home, he finds a woman unconscious by his front door, mere moments from freezing to death.
  • Yuuma acts fast, bringing the woman into his home and doing everything in his power to warm her back to life. When she eventually comes to, the woman introduces herself as Eve and wants to thank him for saving her. To Yuuma’s shock, she offers to be his maid! Though initially reluctant, he soon relents, and the two start living together.
  • Eve is a peculiar yet lovely woman with the odd quirk or two, and Yuuma finds himself strangely drawn to her. Join them on their journey as they learn more about each other, themselves, and the true meaning of love in Maid for Loving You!

The creators promise a heartwarming romance, and guess what the added bonus is? It has the full original Japanese voice cast still included!

It seems to have your typical visual novel gameplay, but the highlights are the beautiful artstyle and story. The developers have also released an uncensored, optional R18+ patch for Steam players.

If you’re a fan of anime and romance, Maid For Loving You is a no-brainer! It’s definitely worth grabbing, especially whilst it’s on sale.

If you’re a huge romance fan, there’s also a few other romance novels worth looking into. The recently released Belle-de-Nuit 2 and The Day After Ever After are great.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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