Take on the role of second-in-line to the throne in Arcadie: Second-Born. Will you be the voice of reason? Or a force of destruction?

Take a look at the sleek in-game UI!
In this interactive novel, you can control the story. Every decision you make has a consequence, and will change the ending.

Arcadie: Second-Born takes place in the Kingdom of Arcadie. You are the second-born child, and are put in charge of a peace treaty with the kingdom’s age-old enemies.

What sort of royal will you be? This interactive novel will give you the choice to control the future of the Kingdom, or set it down another century of war.

You’ll also be able to create your own character. The author, Sofia D, has been fantastic with representation. You can play as a female or male; gay, straight, or bisexual.

Your character’s personality will be defined through your in-game choices and actions. Will you be friendly and charming? Or unapproachable and deadly?

Arcadie features a vivid cast of three-dimensional characters, all with their own goals and motivation.

If you’re a fan of political RPGs, this is the interactive novel for you. Along with the choice-driven gameplay, the supporting cast is fantastic, and the romance options are incredible.

The author’s writing is very natural, with relationships with the other characters developing organically. For fantasy fans out there, there’s plenty of spells and swordplay, too.

If you’re looking for more interactive novels like Arcadie, we recommend checking out Heroes of Book & Paper. It’s an old-school RPG with some similar themes.

We’re hoping to conduct an interview with the Arcadie author, Sofia D, soon. Want to support her? Grab a copy of the game on Steam (it’s currently 25% off!) and follow her Tumblr.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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